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Developed for All Skill Levels and Ages. Instruction That Works for You. On Your Schedule.



Improve Your Swing with the V1 Golf App & GRANT’s Professional Analysis

The V1 Golf app empowers golfers to be their best. Capture video and send swings to Grant for analysis and video lessons. Have fun with the app on your own with advanced analysis and playback tools.

  • Capture up to 240 FPS in HD on iOS devices

  • Import video from camera roll

  • Playback in slow motion and/or frame-by-frame

  • Review swings with telestration

  • Accelerate, trim, zoom in, and flip videos

  • Share videos on social media and via email


Enroll in Grant's Online Golf Academy


Included with our coaching programs is intelligent remote AI technology to help you measure your game improvement. This is a great way for us to monitor your performance and customize instruction around your strengths and weakness. Simply connect Arccos golf sensors to your clubs, pair with the mobile app and your data is exported to our coaches portal every time you play a round of golf. This data allows us to customize your golf instruction and design lessons and drills specifically for your game. The days of taking golf lessons where a pro guesses your next band aid fix is over!



Private hourly coaching sessions provide detailed, one-on-one lesson plans to Empower Your Game. Create clarity of purpose and turn confusion into discovery as you learn the skills needed to play a better game. Check out our booking page for Adult and Junior lesson rates.

Following each lesson you’ll receive a V1 video recap of what you need to work on delivered to your personal CoachNow app training space. The training space is FREE and will be set-up during your first appointment.



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Break 100 is a proven 6-lesson program that is easy-to-follow. This program has been built from hundreds of lesson plans and successful coaching methods.


Our game-changing approach to breaking 100 in golf is tried and tested on thousands of golfers who have managed to break 100 in a matter of a few lessons – some even sooner!

EYG Plan.png


Beginner Basics was designed with the office golfer in mind who needs to learn how to play fast for future charity events, office getaways with the CEO, or as a business tool to network and build relationships with clients and partners.

You're going to learn how to play your best golf and learn the proper etiquette on the course to survive a golf outing.



Our putting program is very popular and makes use of both indoor and outdoor putting practice to improve your game. A simple indoor putting mat is all you need to excel at putting and improve your stroke. Lose those 3-putts forever.

Our connected coaching program can help you achieve success even if you only practice at home.



In-Person or Remote Screening Available

The TPI Screening is the gold standard in golf fitness and body-swing connection screening. You will get a report from TPI explaining your body-swing connections and I'll build you an at-home exercise program customized to your results.

Understand your golf body strengths and limitations and use your time more efficiently to get better at golf!

"TPI screening is the most important activity a golfer can do to help them be more efficient in their practice, their time allocation, and their workout routines." Grant Griffiths

At the conclusion of the screening we will have an idea of your specific body-swing connection characteristics. You'll get a personalized exercise program to help address any physical limitations you may have, including a recommendation for when to be re-tested to ensure the exercises are helping.

Perfect Team Building Event

Looking for something fun to attend with your team at work? Our “Masterclass” programs deliver tremendous educational and leadership value at a lower cost point than traditional golf schools. The morning or afternoon programs saves time and money with a fast, efficient, no-excuses curriculum to empower your team!


We can help your company arrange weekly instruction clinics for employees, golf outings, leadership events or corporate getaways.



A winter game improvement plan that offers you a proven indoor program on Trackman simulators. Our best work is done in the off-season to help you improve and reset for 2022. This program is designed with 8-hours of golf instruction that includes home-based drills, TPI fitness and mobility, combine testing to improve all your distances, putting, video analysis, ground forces and a full library of online drills to help you play your best.


We'll also play the worlds best courses that include Pebble Beach, TPC Sawgrass, St. Andrews and more to help you build confidence on the course. Finally you're going to improve your mental game with world-renowned Dr. Rick Sessinghaus who teaches Collin Morikawa. This is a world-class program at an affordable price.

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